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Master-Sport (MS) spare parts are destined to OEM, aftermarket and sport. The company is engaged indesigning, production and distribution. Company’s sale network includes Europe, America and Africa as well. Professional in the field of car sport and automotive business Master-Sport from the very beginning has been actively developing its assortment for European and CIS countries cars.

During last years there occurred noticeable affluence of new cars and in consequence appeared acute deficit of availability of good-quality parts. Owing to extension of European Union there appeared new sales directions in countries like Romania and Bulgaria. Many parts produced in accordance with Master-Sport patents are supplied directly on assembly lines. At present Master Sport comes out advanced working on introducing products on production lines – AwtoWAZ and GAZ.

In 2006 the company’s assortment was enriched with lines of electric fuel pumps and air flow meters.

The customers were presented new products’ series: Sport Klasse, Sport Extreme, including metal and ceramic brake blocks, brake pads, sport bearings, ignition leads and coils. As usual products are manufactured basing on company’s own designs and patents.

In 2007 Master-Sport has provided customers a complete range of products. At Moscow Fair we presented a wide selection of parts for cars produced in Western Europe, which are sold throughout the whole Europe.

On the European market Master Sport introduced:

- Wheel bearing kits
- Water pumps
- Ignition leads
(exterior protection made from synthetic elastomer, warranting resistance on temperature changes (cold-hot), mechanical and chemical resistance (water, brine, oils, fuel), isolating coating made of synthetic or thermoplastic elastomer warrants perfect electric properties (isolation) and minimizes voltage between coil and spark plugs, stainless electric lead – rolled densely and spirally on ferromagnetic core (50 spirals per cm) warrants high voltage stream flowing with induced magnetic field condensing (noises) inside a wire, ferromagnetic material absorbing noises, synthetic core made on base of fiberglass and polyaramid holds ferrite core.
- Suspension parts and steering system
- Windscreen wipers
- Bulbs
- U-series spark plugs
- Oil filters
(Oil filter Magnetic (-65 C)+. These filters are double protection of engine working in restrained and severe climate. They keep metal particles by pulling them to magnetic element. Gasket material keeps hermetic properties even in critical temperatures. Special, high -quality filtration material warrants high level of cleaning. Bottom by-pass valve construction protects from engine oil starnation ensuring lubrication even for not working (clogged) filteration element. Anti drain valve back prevents from back flow from filter and system. Each filter is tested on hermetic and opening bottom by-pass valve pressure, where parameters are able to exceed 3 times standards of other producers. These filters are recommended for engines having been completely repaired as well as for standard exploitation. In case of engine damage, filter stops the most of the amount of contamination and prevents from serious damages.
- Fuel filters
- Air filters
- Cabin filters
- Electric fuel pumps
(modern engines ZI have electric fuel pumps warranting constant pressure in fluent system, what is very important for regular injector working. Materials using for pumps production allow for quickly pressure increase by starting engine and consequently easy start. Master-Sport pumps are made from anticorrosion materials, every pump is tested on hermetic and pressure formation on each production stage. They are silent owning to application high-quality bearings and fitting precious pressure elements.
- V-belts
- Air flow meters
(Master Sport air flow meters have specially selected material for housing, protected against deformation and cracking under temperature fluctuation appearing during daily exploitation. Precious mensuration system, witch by its signals shows real air flowing in inlet duct, allows for applicable selection mixture, receiving maximal power and reducing fuel consumption. All products are made according to the highest quality standards, certified by the German TUV.

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- designing
- production
- distribution

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