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When the car is braking, kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy of the braking element, due to friction on the pad-disc interface. Hence, it is extremely important for the braking element to work properly with different vehicle weights (both vehicle with only a driver, but also with a full (...)
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Speaking of modern suspension, we usually think of rockers, shock absorbers and torsion rods, even though the suspension and anti-sway system of the car body is much more complex. One of the basic components of the suspension is ... the suspension spring. Theoretically, it is only a piece of wire t (...)
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Engine oil is an agent that is the real "engine bloodstream", and its parameters and physical properties determine the efficiency of the unit, fuel consumption and the time of correct operation. It is distributed along the so-called main oil line,which is a system of channels providing lubricant sup (...)
more >
Typically, those buying brake pads only look at the price of the product. After all, they are certain that the manufacturer of the pads has made all the checks, inspections and analyzes while adapting them to the model, and the price is only the result of the "manufacturer's brand." Well, wrong. Al (...)
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The fuel filter is to reduce the flow of contaminated fuel to the injection elements. It is particularly important for modern petrol injection systems, and common rail systems used in diesel engines, since in modern injection systems components fitting is in microns. Fuels are clean, so what's the (...)
more >
When designing the brake system designed to reduce speed/stop the vehicle, brake discs and brake pads are treated as one structural item. All calculations of the braking efficiency and changes in effectiveness resulting from the increase in the temperature of friction elements are calculated for a p (...)
more >
The oil in a combustion engine is to provide lubrication of moving points of contact, and its respective properties (defined by standards ASE, or API) allow choosing it depending on operating conditions. However, the oil is contaminated during operation, resulting from the mixing of unburned fuel pa (...)
more >
Master-Sport Engineers have drawn attention to the issue of stopping the car, depending on the technical condition of the car and the driver's predisposition. Theoretically, the braking distance (as referred to by car manufacturers refer and the journalists emulating them) is the path you will tra (...)
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– Master-Sport raising OE standards Master-Sport focuses on innovation in Poland Intellectual property is sometimes the best driver of competition between technology providers, and for the professionals involved in R&D, an opportunity for creative engagement in the field of improving the safety of (...)
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Shock absorbers are one of the most important, but also one of the least appreciated elements in the car. They are responsible for maintaining continuous wheel contact with the road and the driving comfort through appropriate suppression of vibrations transmitted to the body. What is the purpose of (...)
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* in advanced implementation phase