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16th Dresden-Breslau Rally 2010

1. Omnipresent dust and unearthly heat - this is how you can shortly describe this year's edition of Dresden-Breslau rally.

2. Murderous struggle against difficult terrain, extreme temperatures and dust getting everywhere, was a real challenge for the team and for the car's components.
However, the teams experience and MS car parts - already put to a test in the sands of Moroccan and Namibian desert - placed them in the forefront of the 170 teams starting in the passenger cars? category.

3. As always, every trip of the MS team is an opportunity to test the manufactured parts and implemented solutions. Therefore, before and after every stage, the car and its components undergo an inspection by our experts and the drivers share their insight on the functioning of the mounted MS parts.

4. Unfortunately, the "Mad Corrida" as MS team had called the Dresden-Breslau rally, beat the gearbox housing, which fell apart during an attempt at one of terrain obstacles. The servicing team rose to the occasion, saying : "We had replaced the differential in the middle of a desert, so we can weld a gearbox knee-deep in mud?".

5. The loss of 3 hours was impossible to make up at this stage.
The team, determined to catch up, held their position in the top 10 in the following stages, which gave them the 18th position in the General Classification.

6. Had it not been for the gearbox failure, our team would have taken the 2nd position.

7. The car - as always - was passed on to our design and implementation department - to increase innovation and the quality of Master-Sport products.

Support for the 16th Dresden-Breslau Rally 2010- the show starts in Dresden and ends in Breslau

- over 1400km route

- new tracks near Dresden

- two additional all-day stages in Poland

- on-line monitoring of the rally vehicles

- 130 cars

- 50 trucks

- 60 motorbikes

- 50 quads

This is how you can briefly describe "The Little Dakar", which is the common name of the Dresden-Breslau Rally, taking place between 06-26 and 07-03-2010.

This most prestigious Cross Country show, which takes place in Germany and Poland, will lead through pathless tracts, mainly in military training grounds in western parts of Poland, from Żagań to Drawsko.
It will go on in extremely rough terrain, and will include time routes, skill trials and special tracks that will be announced directly before the start of the route.

Due to its great flourish, the Dresden-Breslau Rally became the largest show for enduro vehicles, quads, SUVs and trucks in this part of Europe. It is no wonder, then, that the crew supported by Master-Sport could not miss such an event.
Libya Adventure Tour 2009Master Sport test cars have taken up the next challenge.
This time our team will be driving through wilderness and sands of Libya.

In this difficult conditions we are going to test:
new shock absorbers featured by a variable characteristic of vibration damping (depending on surface type).

- besides, for the next time we will be testing filters in which filter paper was enriched with synthetic fibre admixture. Due to that effectiveness of filtration has risen significantly, providing the same low flow resistance. This multilayer filter paper separates different size effluents from filtering air, engine oil and fuel.

- Brake pads, new mixtures applied in brake pads will be tested in big fully-loaded cars which take part in our expedition.

Wheel bearing seals - seal of innovative design with spring pressing seal into housing was applied. We are testing tightness and resistance to dust during long-lasting dusting in high temperatures.

Murmansk Trial Expedition

MAROCCO-DAKAR Desert Expedition 2008Master-Sport Team has participated in Morocco-Dakar Rally, detailed report from rally soon...

Master Sport - sponsor of the European Rally ChampionshipIn this year company Master Sport gives technical support to one of the leading competitors - Tomasz Czopik driving in Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. Cooperation started during first elimination has winning the European Rally Championship in view. Perfect service and innovative technical solutions should increase to attain this goal.

Master-Sport Production
Africa Rally Test Burning sunshine, omnipresent dust, extreme conditions make a life misery, not only for Africa Rally Test participants. Exceptionally tough town, exhausting driving conditions, extreme car exploitation – in such conditions not only a human is a weak point, any part, system or mechanism can break down. Lack of water, plenty of sand and mud can bring cars to a halt, even those especially prepared to such conditions.

The goal of the rally is to get Africa in the shortest possible time. The shortest time, that is the shortest route – racing almost on roadless tracts.

Sport Team took part in this exhausting Africa Test rally. Preparing cars for the spartan conditions in Africa, we exchanged the majority of key serial parts with especially prepared ones. Trusting the cars prepared in this fashion we set off on ride and they didn’t let us down. Our cars often got bogged down in the sand and mud or had to manage with sharp stones scattered on the road. Without any serious technical problems the team victoriously achieved its destination. Winning in Africa in good style made us feel very proud.

Africa Rally Test - presentation

The championship of UkraineIn the 2006 championship of Ukraine in car racing for Ukrainian Cup and a stage of European Cup A-3 class in Jalta, the team consisting of Trutniew Wadim and Iwan Daniliszyn won the first place. In general classification of the championship of Ukraine 2006 in mountain racing - they got the third place. During the competition a car “ВАЗ” 2112 in class А-3 (with engines up to 2000 cc) was presented. The general sponsor of the team was Master Sport Company.
The car was equipped with Master Sport parts of Sport Extreme and Sport Klasse series, including high voltage power wires, bearings and U-Super spark plugs. The parts underwent a real practical test and guaranteed victory for our team.
The racing championship of RussiaIn a few European countries we are achieving successes not only in distribution of our products but also in car racing.
Master Sport Racing Team, twice – in 2004 and 2005, won Russian Cup in the class of mass-produced cars with engines up to 1600 cc.
* in advanced implementation phase
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