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2 Years Warranty for Master-Sport Products


1.Subject to a warranty given in accordance with this guarantee card are the elements of MASTER-SPORT branded suspension parts for passenger cars, vans and off road cars called further “products”.

2. Guarantor of this warranty card is MASTER-SPORT-Automobiltechnik (MS)-PRODUCTION DISTRIBUTION CENTER with Headquarters in Gorlice, 11Listopada Str. No. 68, 38-300 Gorlice/Poland.

3. This warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend buyer's rights arising from the lack of product conformity with sales agreement.


1. Warranty includes use of the product within 24 months from the date of sale and/or 36 months from the date of the sale of selected products *.
*(The list of Products with extended warranty period is available on MS web site or in the original packaging of selected products).


1. Terms of the warranty are following:
a) Completion of notification claim on the form provided by the Guarantor,
b) submission of a written complaint with claim notification,
c) provide Guarantor with the faulty part,
d) submit the warranty card,
e) submit the proof of product purchase,
f) upon request of the person receiving warranty or the Guarantor- enable Guarantor to check the technical condition of vehicle
All above conditions have to be met together.

2. Any claims must be made at point of sale, where the warranty card has been issued.

3. Complaints are considered within 30 working days from the date of filing the complaint in the manner specified in paragraphs 1 and 2.

4. Guarantor's decision on accepting or refusing the claim is final therefore Buyer has no rights of further complaints Guarantor's decision related.

5. The warranty does not cover compensation for temporary failure of the vehicle, any inconvenience associated with filing a complaint or other costs or expensives.

6. In case warranty has been accepted, the faulty products are to exchanged for the brand new product. If the guarantor is not able to exchange the product for the same brand new resulted from production finish, the Customer is entitled to a refund of the purchase price of the product.

7. Filing a complaint in the manner specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 constitutes acceptance of the warranties set forth herein.


1. This warranty does not cover any products repaired, regardless of the manner as well as extent of repairs and the person who repaired product.

2. This warranty does not cover goods damaged resulted from:
a) failure caused by inadequate use and /or omitting operational requirements of the Products, as defined by the Guarantor,
b) incorrect assembly or disassembly, i.e. use of incorrect tools
c) the incorrect use of the product,
d) the misused operations, i.e. mounting the device in a vehicle other than on a list provided by the manufacturer,
e) the poor technical condition of the vehicle, including the incorrect or defective suspension geometry, damaged or worn shock absorbers, brakes, springs or other suspension components,
f) mechanical damages i.e. the wheels hit a barrier-type curb gap on the road,
g) the overloading of the “product” and improper use of pressure (to high or too low),
h) road accident of vehicle,
i) conscious damage to the product,
j) use the product in a sports competition or having the characteristics of sport competition, in particular, amateur and professional races*.
(* The use the product in a sports competition or having the characteristics of sport competition is allowed, only after obtaining written consent from the Guarantor.)

3. In the case of suspension kits (product consisting of several elements) only defective item will be replaced.

In case any of warranty points of this card will be broken, the Guarantor reserves the right to claim reimbursement an expert as well as product return costs related.


1. For proper operation of the product the user is obliged to follow the principles below:
a) assemble and disassemble the Product only at authorized services,
b) when selecting and purchasing the product consult your dealer for information product and product use related,
c) after the exchange of product obligatory check the geometry of the vehicle at diagnostic station,
d) tires mounted on a vehicle must be in accordance with technical requirements set out in a vehicle book.



3 Years Warranty for Master-Sport Products

Master-Sport Automobiltechnik (MS) is going to introduce a new 3-year warranty or guaranteed mileage for selected products. The new extended warranty is confirmation of long-term presence in the market, maintaining of the highest quality standards, durability and a very positive customer feedback.
Master-Sport products hold all the necessary certificates in certain markets i.a. German TÜV which confirms accordance with all ISO 9001 requirements.
Master-Sport is also involved in the development of solutions to the first assembly and supplies its products to the primary market.

General Warranty Terms

1. Most products offered by Master-Sport Automobiltechnik (MS) have been covered by a warranty provided by the manufacturer according to specific conditions and duration. In the case of product purchase and installation in a professional workshop maintaining vehicles of the makes and models, to which Master Sport parts are offered, we provide a 3-year warranty for selected products, or a mileage warranty, whose terms have been specified in item 3.

2. The essential documents confirming your right to file warranty claims include:
- Proof of purchase (receipt or invoice)
- Master-Sport Warranty Card (with appropriate stamps and odometers at the moment of installation and upon malfunction)
- Master-Sport complaint report

3. Some selected Master-Sport Automobiltechnik (MS) products are covered by a 3-year warranty or a mileage warranty. Subject to it, Master-Sport Automobiltechnik (MS) shall remove all faults or malfunctions in the purchased products, and should a specific fault or malfunction be observed for the third time, or prove irreparable, to replace the goods with new ones that are free from faults and malfunctions. Repairs and replacements shall only be carried out in professional workshops maintaining vehicles of the makes and models, to which Master Sport parts are offered.
The condition for maintaining the right to 3-year warranty or a mileage warranty provided by MS is the annual, paid inspection of the vehicle (including the component subject to warranty) carried out in a workshop that has performed the installation. The inspections shall be confirmed by the workshop's stamp placed in the product's warranty card. The warranty card with appropriate stamps from vehicle inspections as well as proof of purchase are documents required to maintain the 3-year warranty or mileage warranty, allowing for filing claims. The 3-year warranty does not cover products installed in commercial vehicles or in vehicles used for professional or commercial purposes, as well as vehicles that do not have factory-fitted security odometer.

The 3-year warranty does not include damage resulting from:
- Standard wear and tear
- Operation inconsistent with manual (including inappropriate power supply) or the product's purpose,
- Malfunctions, faults or breakdowns caused due to negligence, intentional damage, improper storage or exposition of the product in conditions not compliant with its properties (humidity, temperature, liquid, sand, other impurities),
- Mechanical damage not resulting from a material fault of the product,
- Due to wear and tear of the product resulting from its normal use,
- Removal of numbers allowing for product identification,
- Short circuit in electrical or electronic installation,
- Improper installation, or installation with the use of improper tools.



* in advanced implementation phase
The site administrator is MS MASTER-SPORT Einzelhandelzentrum UG Leopoldstr. 244, 80807 München