For your safety - Decontamination of shipments / Ozonation of packages

For your safety – Decontamination of shipments / Ozonation of packages

For your safety. Decontamination of packages with orders.

Out of concern for your safety – Master-Sport Automobiltechnik (MS) has decided that all parcels sent to customers will be decontaminated with ozone.

Ozonation is one of the methods of disinfection that does not require the use of bactericides.

Instead, ozone is used, which is a powerful oxidizing gas. Ozone treatment works best for disinfecting objects, rooms, cars and even entire apartments and offices.

This method can also be used to disinfect and fumigate air conditioning. The ozone generator allows you to definitely fight viruses, bacteria, molds, mites and fungi by removing unpleasant odors.

Ozonation (Disinfection / Sterilization) procedure in Master-Sport In our company, we have prepared a special cabin with an ozone generator inside.

– Packages prepared for shipping are placed in it

– Let’s set the ozonation time to 15 minutes

– The ozone generator is turned on -The cabin is tightly closed

– Gas destroys microorganisms for 15 minutes

– After ozonation is finished

– shipments remain in the cabin for another 30 minutes (this is the time needed for the decomposition / deactivation of the ozone accumulated in the cabin)

– After this time, the secured employee sticks stickers informing about the decontamination procedure

– Parcels can continue their journey


In order not to get infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, you should not only take care of hand hygiene, but also the cleanliness of objects and surfaces that we use. One of the methods of thorough disinfection may be ozonation.