Filtr oleju NeoMAG – PaNeoMAG Oil Filter – MS Patent

• Intelligent
• Protects the engine when the overflow valve is open, in particular the bearings
of camshaft, crankshaft and turbine.
• Extends engine life
• Effectively stops pollution
• Holds metal particles until filter replacement
• Available as complete oil filter and as filter’s insert

STOP-MICROBE Cabin Filter – MS Patent

• Dedicated for allergy sufferers and children
• No chemicals
• 100% natural the filtering component
• With addition of active silver, carbon and bamboo fibers
• Prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and mold
• Resistant to moisture


• With vibration compensator
• Durability
• The advanced lightweight aluminum alloy
• Pressed with high precision
• Increased strength and frost resistance cover
• Increased resistance to abrasion bolt socket

Shock Absorbers BIMETALLIC – MS Patent

• With bimetallic control system
• Constant operation parameters at variable weather conditions (-40 to +80°C)
• Intelligent
• 25% reduction in lateral tilting
• 25% vibration reduction
• Increased tightness

HIGH DURABILITY Bearing – Innowacja MS

• Longer life
• Standard – double independent seal
• Automatic – 3-point sealant
• Sport Extreme – with active sealant
• Innovative lubrication technology “from inside to outside”
• All elements perfectly fitted

Keramik BRAKE PADS – Innowacja MS

• Mixture of friction with increased resistance in high temperatures
• Without the addition of copper (ECO FRIENDLY)
• Innovative technology connecting friction material with
the pad’s base to reduce vibrations

LFP (LITHIUM) Battery – MS Patent

• Intelligent battery
• Managed via dedicated applications Android / iOS
• Bluetooth
• GSM access (SIM tray)
• Dry (operation in every position)
• Configuration (capacity and starting power) according to customer requirement