Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Master Sport LFP accumulator – for sports and every day

The use of Li-Ion batteries in the automotive industry is growing rapidly. Master-Sport with support of the European Union implements the production of innovative LFP accumulators.

Conventional lead-acid batteries in micro-hybrid vehicles are being replaced by lithium-ion batteries, which far exceed their capabilities. Reduction to 60% by weight compared to traditional accumulators makes Master-Sport LFP ideally suited to the sport, where every kilogramme counts. The ability to fast trapping of electric charges can replace the AGM accumulators in advanced Start-Stop systems of energy recovery function during braking.

Master-Sport LFP accumulators are characterized by:

deep discharge – available in 100% capacity without damaging the accumulator
fast charging, no memory effect
fixed start-up parameters, regardless of the charge degree
weight reduction of up to 60% and the size of 50% compared to lead-acid batteries
very long life
100% capacity after 1000 charge cycles
80% of capacity after 2,000 cycles of charging
55% capacity after 8000 charge cycles
high start-up performance at low temperatures
Operating range from -30°C to 60°C
a very long retention of energy, self-discharge ~ 5% per month
user safety, no risk of leakage and harmful gases, meeting the requirements of ROHS
totally maintenance-free
adaptation to the Start-Stop system