Modern Master-Sport EFB accumulators – adapted to the Start-Stop system.

Designed to meet the demands of vehicles with start-stop system, new accumulators Master-Sport are made in EFB technology (Enhanced Flooded Battery). The system saves fuel and reduces CO2 emission by up to 10% (which directly affects the environment protection), but at the same is particular about the Start-Stop which is responsible for frequent starting and providing power to all devices when the engine is not running. Conventional accumulators are not designed for high start cyclicality of the engine starts and do not have the ability to fast-track adoption of electric charges, so it is very important that in vehicles with Start-Stop be used accumulators tailored to their needs – the Master-Sport EFB.

We offer a contract for the territorial exclusivity for the new products from the European Group of Production and Distribution.

Many years of experience in the automotive industry let us offer an excellent product at a very attractive price.