The maintenance-free Master-Sport accumulator in technology Calcium-Calcium

The Calcium-Calcium (Ca-Ca) technology consists in application of calcium compounds at the production of` accumulator plates. Calcium compounds were added to the two poles of the Master-Sport accumulator plates (hence the name Calcium-Calcium), which allowed to greatly reduce water consumption during the chemical processes occurring in transfer of electric charges.

Master-Sport accumulators designed and engineered using the latest technology are characterized by excellent performance that meets the high demands of a modern car.

Master-Sport accumulators are maintenance-free, do not require replenishment of water in the electrolyte and the “KAMINA” venting system guarantees safety.

Use of calcium compounds increased the battery life and time of self-discharge, specially designed housing provides excellent mechanical protection of the accumulator, and high start-up parameters help to start an engine at low temperatures.

The so-called “magic eye” allows you to check the charge level of the battery without having to connect it to the specialized equipment.

Our offer includes accumulators for cars, sport cars, trucks, tractors and agricultural machinery, and special vehicles as well.

We offer a contract for the territorial exclusivity for the new products from the European Group of Production and Distribution.

Many years of experience in the automotive industry let us offer an excellent product at a very attractive price.